Another commissioned painting

Tanja Groos, artist, in progress on a large, commissioned acrylic painting

Creating a custom piece for someone is quite a bit different than creating non-commissioned pieces. I love both as they provide different opportunities and challenges, which always teach me something. Here, I’m working on a commissioned piece that is a large five foot by four foot painting on a premium two-inch deep gallery canvas.

Above you can see an in-progress view of a commissioned piece that will evoke a sense of the organic and express a lot of movement. This early stage of development is where the overall form and the background textures are being created.

Tanja Groos, artist, in progress (about half way done) on a large, commissioned acrylic painting

Next you can see that more texture, movement and depth has been created. There are many, many layers at this stage. There is a lot more work to do.

The commissioned painting by Tanja Groos is complete

With the addition of many more layers and the creation of foreground detail, the focal point has been clarified. Metallics and gems contrast with matte areas. In various lighting settings, the painting takes on very different moods.

The painting leaves interpretation up to your imagination, and suggests deep blue waters, spinning planets, converging dimensions or perhaps a floral bouquet. Celestial Oceans, the chosen name for this piece, has been placed in its new home.

Celestial Oceans commissioned painting by Tanja Groos

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