Time-Lapse Video Shows How Salsa Painting “Unthink” Was Made

Unthink by artist Tanja Groos

Take a peek at the process of creating “Unthink”, a commissioned painting of salsa dancers. Unthink is a 48″ x 36″ acrylic painting on a premium gallery-style canvas. The salsa dance is one of fluid movement and passion. Unthink is, to the artist Tanja Groos, a celebration of being. Of being passionately in the moment without computation.

View the just-for-fun painting time-lapse video.

Thanks to Burju Perez of Hacha y Machete – an award-winning, world-class salsa dancer – for contributing her salsa song Violin Solitude to this video.

Tanja Groos Artwork Published In Catapult Magazine