Time-Lapse Video Shows How Salsa Painting “Unthink” Was Made

Unthink by artist Tanja Groos

Take a peek at the process of creating “Unthink”, a commissioned painting of salsa dancers. Unthink is a 48″ x 36″ acrylic painting on a premium gallery-style canvas. The salsa dance is one of fluid movement and passion. Unthink is, to the artist Tanja Groos, a celebration of being. Of being passionately in the moment without computation.

View the just-for-fun painting time-lapse video.

Thanks to Burju Perez of Hacha y Machete – an award-winning, world-class salsa dancer – for contributing her salsa song Violin Solitude to this video.

Prana Tweets Ascent Art Time-lapse By Tanja Groos
Human figure sketch in five minutes by Tanja Groos
Tanja Groos, Canada, is the Gold Prize Winner in an international art competition
Unthink by artist Tanja Groos